8 Last Minute Destinations for a spontaneous summer vacation

Never need to think again, just pick one of this country to visit

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Your summer holiday is imminent, and you don’t really know where to go? But you don’t feel like planning and preparing too much, because you want to start relaxing as soon as possible? No problem! As last-minute travel experts, we have advice! In this post, we present our top 8 last minute destinations for summer. Maybe there is the next dreamland for one or the other?

Calabria in Italy

Calabria is the “tip of the boot” of Italy and one of the sunniest regions in Europe. Despite its scenic beauty, charming towns, and extraordinary sights, the region is still an insider tip. Since Calabria is relatively unknown outside of Italy, there is a very good chance of getting an attractive last-minute offer.

The 800 km long coastline with the extensive beaches speaks for itself, but that is by far not all. Calabria is ideal for an active holiday. The mountain massifs with the almost 2000 m high peaks in the interior offer wonderful hiking and cycling routes.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands’ main season is the winter half-year when you can fly from the uncomfortable Central European “dirty weather” to the islands of eternal spring in around four to five hours. The seven main islands are always well booked during the autumn and Christmas holidays.

But if you can take your vacation in the summer months, you have a very good chance of a good last-minute bargain at a good price. In Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote in particular, there are many large hotel complexes with a huge number of beds that have to be filled. So if you are a little flexible in terms of location and date, you can speculate on a cheap last-minute offer for the Canary Islands.


Whether you are planning a city trip to Sofia or a relaxing holiday on the golden or sunny beach – Bulgaria is one of the typical destinations for last-minute trips in summer. You can spend a perfect holiday here, especially if you mainly care about beautiful beaches, good weather and low ancillary costs. And best of all: the short flight times and a wide range of accommodation in all categories do not require lengthy advance planning.


The Republic of Cyprus comprises the larger, southern part of the island. Two airports, namely Larnaca and Paphos, are regularly served by many German cities so that you can usually get a cheap last-minute flight here. Cyprus is suitable for guests interested in history as well as for beach holidaymakers. You can also have a great active holiday here. The beautiful Troodos Mountains and many ancient sites make it possible!


If you are planning a last-minute summer holiday in Greece, you can generally rely on a varied and extensive range of offers. Exceptions are some of the smaller islands, which are rarely approached. Greece has exciting travel destinations on the mainland and well-known and lesser-known islands.
The airports on Crete, Rhodes, Kos, and Corfu are offered several times a week from most German cities, so the probability of a suitable date is extremely high.


Turkey is one of the most varied and popular travel destinations in the Mediterranean. Friendly people, great nature with fantastic beaches, and a beautiful hinterland combined with a variety of historical sites await you. The best: there are almost always offers for last-minute trips to Turkey. Whether a city trip to Istanbul, a round trip to the famous cultural sites, or a beach holiday – Turkey with its many hotels on the Riviera and the Aegean Sea coasts, is a perfect destination for short-term bookings.


Egypt is a perfect year-round travel destination and is world-famous for its archaeological sites. The Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, and the monumental Temple of Abu Simbel are just the most famous of them. Round trips, Nile cruises, or beach holidays on the Red Sea can be booked as a last-minute trip without any problems.
During the summer months, in particular, booking at short notice can often save a lot of money. So if you don’t mind high temperatures, there is a chance of a super bargain in June, July, and August.


The Maldives, the dream destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts, is ideal for a last-minute vacation in summer. Although it is, of course, a long-haul trip, the preparations are little. Special vaccinations are not required, and planning for possible on-site activities is also not necessary.

Since many different airlines now serve the Maldives with the capital’s airport Malé, there are always overcapacities. Especially during the summer, when the vast majority of tourists travel to the Mediterranean area, you can find real “bargains” for the Maldives.

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