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If you crave for a life of travel and adventure, then our travel blog is the place to be. At Camnob Travel, we show you how to travel the world, experience new places, and open your mind to a world of possibilities. We take you to the places you’ve never been before through beautifully weaved travel stories and scenic views from around the world.

Like the Boy’s Scout motto, we want you to be prepared. This is why we share travel resources that are super useful to plan for your next vacation. We cover everything from money-saving hacks, great places to stay, restaurants to visit, foods to eat, local attractions and places to see and fun things to do; literally everything that will make your vacation unforgettable. Our travel guides aim to keep you up to date with the best travel destinations around the world.

It doesn’t matter what your vacation plan is – a cruise, a family vacation, honeymoon, an island getaway, or a round-the-world trip; we’ve got you covered. From travel advice to hotel reviews, airline reviews and restaurant reviews; you’d find everything you need here. You will find a blend of food, travel, photography, travel tips and advice.

We inspire you with new ideas for your next vacation, and share valuable travel hacks. We also recommend the best travel gear for camping, skiing, surfing, snowboarding and many more, so you can get the best travel experience.

Become part of an amazing community of travel lovers who want to explore new countries, get in-depth food guides and restaurant reviews of cities around the world. Experience the world of travel with other community members. Share entertaining travel stories, travel photos, fun videos from your vacation, and even interesting photos from your home country.

So join us and get the most out of your next vacation with our travel hacks and latest travel tips!

Who We Are

We are committed to keeping you up to date with the best travel destinations around the world. Our goal is to help you get the best travel experience irrespective of your travel experience. We also offer you a platform to network with other travel enthusiasts.

What We Offer

Our travel blog is perfect for travel enthusiasts living in Cambodia and all over the world. Our blog posts are well-researched to give you the best on:

>> Travel hacks, travel advice and places to visit

>> Recommendations on travel gear

>> Reviews on hotels, restaurants and best travel destinations all around the world

>> A community of travel lovers to connect and network with