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  • Guitar for sale in Sihanouk ville
  • Guitar for sale in Sihanouk ville
  • Guitar for sale in Sihanouk ville
  • Guitar for sale in Sihanouk ville
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Date : March 1, 2020
Location : Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Guitar for sale in Sihanouk ville

Sihanouk Ville is still quite small when it comes to music store in general. Basically, there are not many Khmer people who loves music to the point that they pick up the guitar. Nevertheless, more and more young people now starts to learn music through YouTube or online sites and that is why now we could basically can buy some basic guitar stuff directly from the town itself. Unlike before, I mean in the year 1990s, if you want to buy guitars or other musical instrument, you are out of luck in Kampong Som, You will need to go to Phnom Penh to pick up one.

Now, when I visited Sihanouk Ville few months back and through online research I found two shops who are selling Guitar (oh well, one is selling just basic acoustic guitar for beginner)

Sihanoukville Music Store
This music store’s phone number is 097 304 3076 just in case you want to call in first. Or visit their website at . the store according to their FB account is located at 7 Makara str. (str. 200).

From their website, we can see that they sell many guitar pickups and other electric guitar in Cambodia. They also have a jamming session too. Highly recommend to check them out for a real guitar player when you visit Sihanouk Ville

Samudera Market – for simple acoustic guitar

Samudera Market ( is a household name in Sihanouk ville. It has many type of products and services for sale in town. This includes some basic acoustic guitar. I wouldn’t call this as music shop but instead for beginner guitar learner, you can grab one simple basic acoustic guitar for less than 100$ here.

Finally, you don’t have to go elsewhere if you are looking to get a guitar, electric or acoustic. You can simply go to one of the two shops as I specified above.

ps: all photos are courtesy of sihanoukville Music Store, please check their Facebook page for the detail.

សូមជួយនិយាយ camnob .com ផង ពេលណាហៅទៅអ្នកលក់

Mention camnob .com when calling seller to get a good deal


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