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Appreciation to those in the front line fighting Corona Virus in Cambodia

It’s 21 of March 2020, I am siting in my room typing this first blog post. It is a strange feeling as I type this when my country is reporting steadily the number of COVID-19 cases. As of today at 20:00, according to the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia, there are 53 people contracting this virus (4 women and 49 men). Two cases are considered cleared i.e. they are considered as fully recovered.

This blog post is dedicated to those women and men out there fighting this virus in Cambodia and around the world. I collect photos and images that I personally think it is meaningful and yet can bring some smile and appreciation toward the unsung hero. Most of these photos are courtesy of their creator and i collect them through mostly facebook post. In case you are the owner of the photo or images, please write to me at and i’ll make sure to provide appropriate credit and/or remove the photos completely:


These photos are taken from Rojak Daily, based in Malaysia under the hashtag #dudukrumah or “stay at home” according to Google Translate. This message is to encourage people to stay at home and practicing social distancing. The aims is to flatten the infection rate curve as well as to cut off any new infection among normal people.

i stay at work and you stay at home for us stay at home for us


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