10 jungle hotels to explore the Amazon

Be amazed in deep jungle

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Have you ever imagined swimming in a river pool, paddling the streams, walking through the Amazon jungle, and experiencing new cultures without suffering? Wonderful, isn’t it?
We have found these 10 jungle hotels, from the most rustic to the most luxurious, for you to explore and fully connect to the Amazon!

1- Iberostar Grand Amazon

The Iberostar Grand Amazon is an all-inclusive hotel ship that leaves the port of Manaus and offers three itineraries: 3-night cruise on the Solimões River (Friday to Monday), 4-night cruise on the Rio Negro (Monday to Friday), and 7 nights, which offers the complete itinerary.

The vessel organizes some activities such as piranha fishing, observation of pink dolphins, visits to the riverside community, folk shows, among others, included according to the package option.

2- Ariaú Amazon Towers

The only hotel built on wooden stilts at the height of the treetops, its eight towers are connected by walkways and integrated into the forest. The Ariaú Amazon Towers is one of the jungle lodges that offer various activities such as hiking, piranha fishing, observation of nocturnal animals, interaction with color pink dolphins, jungle survival, and more. In addition, it has an outdoor pool and free transfer.

3- Amazon Arowana Lodge

Specialized in ecological tourism and sport fishing (catch and release), the Amazon Arowana Lodge is located in the center of the Amazon jungle, on the Mamori River, and is divided into: floating houses and huts on dry land. The package includes a full board system, free shuttle, ecological tours, accompanied by experienced native guides.

4- Amazon Tupana Jungle Lodge

With rustic architecture, the Amazon Tupana Jungle Lodge is a small jungle hotel. It was planned with the raw materials used by riverside dwellers to not harm the environment. Tupana Jungle provides contact with nature and animals of various species and offers hammocks, a restaurant, a games room, trails, and a free transfer.

5- View of Lago Jungle Lodge

Focused on ecological tourism and located in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve, its rooms offer a patio overlooking the lake Acajatuba. The Jungle Lodge Lake View has a restaurant with typical dishes of unforgettable taste, Wi-Fi throughout the property, and free shuttle service.

6- Tauari-Inn Hotel

The Tauari-Inn is located in Lake Janauacá, 48 km from Manaus. The access is made by boat, crossing the Rio Solimões, for 3 hours. The floating hotel has only 4 apartments, providing an excellent and personalized stay. It also offers: boat trips on the lake, trails, visit the artisanal flour factory, tour of the typical mini village of Amazonas, piranha fishing, swimming around the hotel, canoeing, alligator spotting, and a spectacular sunset.

7- Dolphin Lodge

Based on sustainable tourism, focusing on environmental preservation, Dolphin Lodge was launched with the aim of generating employment for residents of the local community. Its rooms have rustic decor overlooking the Mamori River, and include free transfers, guided tours according to the booked package, and full board in the reservation.

8- Juma Amazon Lodge

Integrated with the Forest and built on solid ground on stilts, it has huts overlooking the jungle and Lake Juma. The Juma Amazon Lodge offers personalized services and their packages range up to 5 nights, possibly including an overnight stay in the jungle. Services such as ecotourism, canoeing, hiking, alligator spotting, transfer, and full board are included. It also offers extra services: climbing trees, feeding dolphins, fishing, and special transfers.

9- Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge

The Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge is located on the Tarumã River banks, a tributary of the Rio Negro, and has 64 apartments distributed among its 20 bungalows. It offers natural pools, a private beach, and Wi-Fi. Some activities like the monkey forest, jungle walk, and alligator spotting are included. The transfer is made by land and river vehicle, and may take 1 hour of travel.

10- Pousada Tucan Amazon

Built on the banks of the Negro River, imitating the architecture of the riverside houses, the Pousada Tucan Amazon is made up of 6 chalets and offers full board and various activities. It is one of the jungle hotels that include trail, canoeing, alligator spotting, visiting the indigenous community, swimming with dolphins, piranha fishing, camping in the heart of the Amazon, and a free shuttle service.

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