5 Special city tours that surprise you

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If you want to find out as much as possible about a city or your holiday region in a short period of time, you should book a city tour with a local city guide. Here you will learn many important facts about history, culture and the residents of the respective city. However, if you want to broaden your horizons, you can also take part in very special tours in some cities or regions.

Curious city tours on very different topics allow you to experience the world’s popular metropolises from a completely new perspective. Sightseeing away from the mainstream and with a local city guide brings new impressions as well as a lot of fun during a city trip and a lasting holiday memory. We have selected the strangest city tours worldwide for you:

Tour through the red light district in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is considered a modern, alternative, cosmopolitan and diverse capital in Europe. The legendary red light district not far from Amsterdam Central Station is one of the most visited Dutch capital neighborhoods.

You will get an exciting insight into the horizontal industry on a tour through the red light district. Between peep shows and strip clubs, brothels and cinemas, learn funny anecdotes and also take a look at the darker sides of the oldest trade in the world.

One of the stopovers on a red light tour in Amsterdam is of course the traditional condominium. The condom shop sells everything except ordinary condoms.

You also have the opportunity to watch a typical peep show from the wild 70s. What caused a lot of excitement at the time has become more charming and nostalgic. The many bars and pubs in the district provide drinks during the tour, and those who want can look around in one of the sex shops.

Voodoo Tour Haiti

Voodoo is one of the legendary and feared natural religions. During a stay in Haiti, you will get to know this special religion better on the Voodoo Tour. The horror tales about curses have no place on this tour, because here you will learn exciting facts about the origin of voodoo, the rituals, and practices. You visit Voodoo temples and holy places in Haiti’s nature and find access to the natural religion Voodoo.

However, this bizarre tour cannot do without legends and sagas either, because the mysticism of Voodoo is based on the many secrets of this belief. The tour guides tell you about secret rituals and famous voodoo followers of history.

A visit from a voodoo priest at the end of the tour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the ancient doctrine firsthand.

Tour to Vienna’s ugliest corners

In direct contrast to the party metropolis, Amsterdam is the more tranquil Vienna in Austria. Picturesque palaces and castles, stately city villas, and imposing modern architecture buildings – this is how you know Vienna from the classic city guides. But where there is beauty, there is also ugliness. At least that’s what the now famous city guide Eugene Quinn thinks.

Sightseeing for dogs in Berlin

Which sights is a four-legged city traveler interested in? This is the question that city guide Melanie Knies asked herself in the German capital before she offered sightseeing for dogs. This unusual city tour goes through the Kreuzberg neighborhood through the green spaces with plenty of space, past a special shop for dogs.

While your four-legged friend can play on the meadow, you will learn exciting facts about Kreuzberg, the history of the district, the residents, and the sights.

However, in this Berlin city tour, the four-legged participants are clearly in the foreground and get to know the capital from their perspective. Therefore, the tour’s pace is rather leisurely, and your dog has time to let off steam in the various green spaces in Kreuzberg, away from the hustle and bustle. On the other hand, you dive into the popular district with its side streets and hidden corners.

Mario Kart Tour in Tokyo

You can also experience curious tours through a hip city in Tokyo, Japan. There has been a fast tour through the city for some time now, which takes you past important sights and at the same time provides thrills and lots of fun. We’re talking about the Mario Kart Tour. Based on the successful video game, the participants will conquer the streets of Tokyo and explore districts such as Shibuya, Akihabara, and Roppongi by go-kart.

For around two hours, you whiz through Tokyo’s trendy districts in go-karts, even disguised if you wish. Whether you prefer to be Mario, Warion, Joshi, or another character from the video game classic is of course up to you.

Since the tour leads through Tokyo’s hectic traffic, some experience driving go-karts and a careful driving style are prerequisites for an eventful tour.

And there you go, some of the weirdest local guide that you have never seen before.

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