7 Most Beautiful Sunshine Destinations in Winter

A welcoming places to avoid the crazy weather

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Who would like to get an extra vitamin D during early of the year?  We have collected many exciting destinations for you. These destinations are evergreen locations that you can visit during winter. Be inspired by our top 7 most beautiful sunshine destinations in winter that you can visit.


Dubai – the land of superlatives

In Dubai, oriental tradition meets modern life. The emirate stands for pure luxury and spectacular architecture. A journey of discovery is particularly worthwhile in winter. At temperatures around 30 degrees, Dubai presents itself in the splendor of its exclusivity.

The desert metropolis is known for the tallest building in the world, the largest artificial island complex, and the world’s largest shopping center. In the ‘Dubai Mall‘ a glass tunnel leads you through the impressive underwater world of the three-storey aquarium, while the ‘Burj Khalifa’ offers a breathtaking view over the city.

Enough amazed, the coasts of Dubai cast a spell over sun lovers. They are seductively beautiful, always clean, and well equipped. Its white sandy beaches gently slope into the water. So you have everything you need for a relaxing beach vacation in the middle of winter

Egypt: Winter vacation in the north of Africa

Egypt is always worth a trip. But in winter the country has very special advantages. The temperatures reach up to 24 degrees during the day and around 16 at night – perfect conditions for a relaxing break under the sun. The climate on the Red Sea is ideal for a beach holiday. The water is pleasantly warm at 24 degrees, and a few droplets rarely fall from the sky.

It is worth staying on the Mediterranean coast to discover the country’s ancient sights. In summer, Egypt is stiflingly hot. Sightseeing often becomes a minor matter. Not so in winter, when the Nile region shows its pleasant side in mild temperatures.

Surfing in Madeira in winter

Madeira’s Portuguese island is located very close to the equator and is, therefore, an excellent destination for your winter sun vacation. The temperatures do not drop below 15 degrees. Instead, days with 20 degrees and more are not uncommon.

While it is gray and cold here, Madeira shows itself from its most beautiful side. Acacias, camellias, lady’s slipper, and poinsettia bloom everywhere. The sea is still pleasantly warm and attracts surfers from all over the world. The waves are particularly raging on the north and east coast. There are other sports activities in the hinterland. There beautiful mountain landscapes adorn the island. A hike or a relaxed bike tour ensures pure relaxation.

Thailand – the popular long-distance travel destination for Germans in winter

Thailand is no longer an insider tip. Numerous people are drawn to the fascinating country in the winter months. The reason: temperatures around 30 degrees, pleasantly warm water, and an unusual variety. Thailand is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, lonely mountain landscapes, palm-lined rivers, and Buddhist temples.

The starting point of your journey of discovery is vibrant Bangkok. The Colorful hustle and bustle await you in the Asian mega-city. Discover the royal palace with its magnificent temples and experience Thailand’s everyday madness on the floating markets.

Gran Canaria – the holiday paradise for athletes in the winter months

While international bathers populate Gran Canaria in summer, the Canary Island is the perfect destination for an active holiday in the winter months. Numerous athletes find excellent conditions here. In the south, it is dry and warm. The daytime temperatures are around 20 degrees.

There are opportunities for water sports almost everywhere. Surfers are mainly drawn to the island’s east coast, while divers find a fascinating water landscape off the entire coast. Hikers and nature lovers get their money’s worth in the green north. But be careful: it is beautifully green here, as it often rains. With a lot of luck, some snow will fall. Then the white peaks around the Pico de las Nieves form a breathtaking backdrop, which you can best admire from the beach.

Salalah – the oriental oasis in the south of Oman

Salalah is a trend travel destination for summer vacations in winter. Picturesque landscapes surround the city in Oman on the Indian Ocean. Magnificent sandy beaches in front of majestic dunes, as well as blooming oases and high mountains, form the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable vacation. Palm groves, banana plantations, and sugar cane fields give the desert region a green sheen.

In addition, numerous mosques, traditional spice markets, and historical archaeological sites adorn the city. Here you can experience the Arab culture in winter with daytime temperatures of over 20 degrees or spend relaxing hours on the beach. The coastal sections are still almost deserted. Instead, dolphins and whales cavort in the azure blue sea, where divers encounter an exotic underwater world.

South Africa: insider tip for sun addicts and nature enthusiasts

There is no perfect travel time to stay in South Africa. The fascinating country offers an inspiring variety in every season. However, it is best to spend a sun holiday in the European winter. The temperatures in the mountains are around 15 to 20 degrees, depending on the region. Hikers will find a great selection of scenic routes in the hinterland. The Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Gauteng is known as a hiking paradise.

On the other hand, Beach lovers are drawn to the coasts of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Here you can expect gorgeous beaches and diverse culture. The city of Durban is known as the Miami of South Africa.

Thank you for your visit and there you go, our top 7 most beautiful sunshine locations that you can visit even though you are in a winter land.

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