Where to stay in UK and Western Europe on backpacking?

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Do you dream of visiting several places in Western Europe and UK in just one trip by backpacking? Don’t worry, I got you cover. In this short tip, I’ll cover 6 locations that you can check out.


Backpacking through Western Europe

In backpacking, through Central and Eastern Europe, you can choose to visit: Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam.


In Paris, you need to pay close attention to your location during your stay there, as the region is usually very expensive for having a large flow of tourists throughout the year, but do not be discouraged because there are several hostels that will help you when saving and they will not leave comfort aside. My personal tip is to not staying in the central region as the hostels there tend to be more expensive. Instead, try staying in the neighborhood, as most of the tourist attractions are very closed to the metro or train stations.


Berlin is a real dive into world history. Its various monuments and popular parts of the region are visited by all tourists who pass through the German capital.

Plan your city tours, research the means of transport you will need to use to get around and decide the best location to stay.

The Cityhostel Berlin is a great tip I have for you. In addition to being close to the subway station and bus stop, this hostel has a very affordable price for those who are backpacking and want to go through many more places. And indeed, the key is to stay close to any subway station. Of course, if you are traveling by car, try staying in the hotels that are close to one of the stations, which you can definitely use for your day trip.


The capital of the Netherlands is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for people interested in visiting Europe and even more if you are backpacking. Amsterdam is home to several famous museums, such as the Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum.

When it comes to a hostel in Amsterdam, it is not lacking due to the frequency of tourists who visit the region annually, but Generator Hostels has its special charm. In addition to having an incredible design and totally welcoming, it is located in a great spot in the city and close to several means of transport.

Backpacking in the UK:

In backpacking around the UK, you can choose to visit: London, Dublin, and Edinburgh.


London is undoubtedly anyone’s dream to visit. The capital of England has several adventures, and one of them is to visit its famous sights and learn more about its English culture.

Enjoy your time in London by staying at SoHostel and pay cheaper to be close to Oxford Street and several restaurants and means of transport.


Located on the east coast of the country, Dublin is the capital of Ireland and currently attracts several tourists, including many Brazilians, to know its attractions that are spread throughout the region. One of the most famous tourist spots is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, one of Ireland’s patron saints, and certainly its many pubs are successful worldwide.

Going to Dublin and still wanting to save a little more money for the rest of the backpack? So don’t worry about looking for the best hostel in the region, because our tip is to stay at the San Augustine Bed and Breakfast, which is totally hospitable and welcoming.


Considered one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is divided into two very different parts, but one as incredible as the other: Old Town, which is the part that concentrates the main historical attractions of the region, and New Town that shows one side more modern and busy.

Located just minutes from Edinburgh Castle, B + B Edinburgh will offer you an experience, unlike any other hostel you have ever stayed at.

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